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From Principal Mr. Flagg,

January 26, 2016


Happy New Year! St. Casimir students and faculty returned to school from their Christmas vacation ready to learn and meet up with friends.

We celebrated the Feast of the Epiphany after our monthly mass on January 8th. Fr. Eric and our “3 Kings” led a procession throughout the school, stopping at each classroom to offer a blessing and a sprinkle of Holy Water for the new  year.

We are looking forward to celebrating “Catholic Schools Week” from 1/31/16 to 2/5/16. We have lots of fun activities planned for the week. We will begin the week with a school mass at St. Hedwig’s Church on Sunday, 1/31/16 @ 10AM.



Richard M. Flagg


Principal                         Richard Flagg  

Pastor                             Rev.Msgr. Anthony Frontiero

Associate Pastor        Rev. Eric Delisle

“St. Casimir School had its school-wide spelling bee as part of Catholic Schools Week”.



Classroom winners were:

       K   Zelia Dresser

1   Camila Ramirez

2   Bella Mulhern

3   Juwer Malwal

4   Isaac Aguirre

5   Brian Mokua

6   Mary Malwal

7   Nyjur Majok

8   Joseph Dinh

School wide winners:

3rd place:

Camila Ramirez and Isaac Aguirre

2nd place:

Zelia Dresser

1st place:

Juwer Malwal